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I have a wide variety of neighbors ,and it takes a alot out of  you to try and befriend all of them. I have an airforce couple to the right (with 2 year old twins) very nice and we get along well. I have a latin woman (with 2 daughters) whom I also get along with to the left. I’m just going to talk about them today,I’ll get into the other ten another day.To start the two hate each other for several reasons, Mainly just the two women. I really could care less but a couple months ago they had a big fight and thier were cops and everything,and of course I some how was drug into the middle of the stupid situation.The latin girl and her friend went out with the other neighbor (woman) and then got into a fist fight when they got home. They broke a bunch of shit and then the cops arrived. I then had to spend an hour and a half ,filling out a bunch of paper work for some lazy police officers. I really didn’t want to take sides ,mainly because I didn’t believe thier stories as they were so different. To this day they do not talk or wave or anything, and me and wife are stuck in the middle not taking either side.So with that I’m thinking: why waste my time trying to be super nice neighbor when really it doesn’t matter to these or any other neighbors if you like them or don’t unless they need something.And that really sums up what being nice to neighbors really means, it is nessasary to be nice and keep the peace in case you ever want to ask for a cup of sugar or a couple eggs.Other than that you might wave or talk about the weather twice a month.What I’m trying to say is love thy neighbor is bunch of bullshit unless your a needy person.I’m not as I have recently realized and now I think things are gonna be little different.


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